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UDAPPU உடப்பு

  • 16 July 2012

UDAPPU (NORTH) (595) in Udappu division, Akkarai pattu south, Puttalam pattu division, Puttalam District. Does not occur in the Census for 1881 ; given as Udappuwa north in the A. L. (1907).

Distance and Situation.- A fishing village adjoining the Chilaw boundary, situate on a strip of land between the sea and canal, 23 miles from Puttalam on the Chilaw road ; 3 miles from the 19th milestone.

Fishing-curing Yard.- A fish-curing yard was established here here in February, 1886, on the suggestion of the Auditor-General, the late Mr. W. H. Ravenscroft. Salt is sold at this yard at the redused price of 65 cents per cwt. To fishermen for the curing of fish, which operation has to take place within the enclosure under the eye of a Government store-keeper and patrols.

A regular town.- “I was surprised to see what a regular town there is at Udappu, as I have never before passed it in the fishing season. Judging from the number of huts, I should think that there must be a population of about 1,000 persons there now. At Munattipirivu, the bridge, the sole means of communication with the mainland from Udappu, was broken in November last. Two palu piles only are required to repair it, but I suppose the authorities have been waiting for the sanction of an estimate to make the bridge passable. The toll-renter told me that two bullocks which were being driven over the bridge fell into the canal (some 25 feet below), the platform of the bridge being at an angle of 45ᵒ with the horizon.” (Diary of Assistant Government Agent, Puttalam, 1886.)

A Receiving office has been established here.

Population.- 1881 : no Census taken. 1891 : 57 houses ; 203 males, 33 females, 236 persons. 1901 : 52 houses ; 211 males, 50 females, 261 persons.

Race.- 193 Low-country Sinhalese ; 44 Tamils ; 24 Moors.

Religion.- 149 Christians ; 64 Buddhists ; 24 Hindus ; 24 Muhammadans.

Literacy.- 137 males, 4 female literates ; 4 males, 1 female English literate.

Age.- 0-5 5 males, 1 female ; 5-15 26 males, 10 females ; 15-30 77 males, 18 females ; 30-55 101 males, 20 females ; over 55 2 males, 1 female.

Occupation.- 10 pasture and agriculture ; 3 traders ; 4 professional ; 172 fishing ; 4 labourers ; 4 others ; 64 dependents.

P. C. Puttalam.


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