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Sand and Water Play – KEC

  • 6 May 2015

Sand and Water Play 

Sand and water play enhanced when the two are brought to form a third type of play wet sand play. DSC_2507

By housing the materials near one another children can use them separately or at time together. Children’s explorations with sand and water naturally help build various skills. by sitting sand and scooping water, children improve their physical dexterity.

By joining others in blowing bubbles or making sand castles, they develop social skills. At the same time, they enhance their cognitive skills as they explore why certain objects sink in water and other float. Wet sand play allows children to encourage principles of math and science firsthand.DSC_2588

When children mix sand with water, they discover that they have changed the properties of both the dry sand becomes firm and the water is absorbed. The texture of both materials changes too. Unlike dry sand or liquid water, wet sand can be molded. Individually and together, sand and water can be used affectively to challenge and soothe children’s minds and bodies.

Benefits of water and sand play

Social and emotional development

  • Play co-operatively with others. (Sharing water play props with another children)
  • Explore social roles. (Washing dolls and dishes)

Cognitive development

  • Observe materials to see how they compare and contrast. (Adding water to dry sand to see how it changes)
  • Understanding cause and effect relationships. (Practicing what will happen when soap flakes are added to water)
  • Observe conservation of volume.
  • Develop problem solving skills. (Figuring out how to dig a tunnel in wet sand so that it won’t collapse)
  • Develop creativity. (Moulding wet sand into a variety of shapes)

Motor development

  • Strengthen fine motor control.
  • Develop eye-hand movements.
  • Improve co-ordination skills. (Filling measuring cups and spoons)

Mrs. Asmara Azhar

(Dip in Early Childhood and Primary Education

OUSL  – Nawala)



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