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NAVATKADU நாவற்காடு

  • 20 September 2017

NAVATKADU (605) in Navatkadu division, Akkarai pattu south, Puttalam Pattu division, Puttalam District.  Given in the Censuses for 1881 and 1891 as Navakkadu. v . MARIPO.

Derivation.- Casie Chitty derives the name (Nawa Kadoo) from Nava, nine, and kadoo, sword. “It is remarkable for the pompous visits which the Kings of Kandy were formerly accustomed to make to it, as soon as they were crowned, to assume the sword of State after bathing in the sea in the neighbourhood.”

Situation.- “Situated directly opposite to Puttalam. about 15 miles south-west of Calpentyn” (Ceylon Gazetteer 170-3). It is not so ; but to the south-west of Puttalam. Valentyn (Ceylon. p.27) says that on the “Island” of Calpentyn “are two villages,to wit, Maripo almost on the south-west point and Tellewari, about the middle also situated on the west side ; there is also a town (Vlek) , Navacar, on the east side, about 2 miles from Maripo, &c.” “Nevacar” is ,of course, Navakkadu (Ceylon Literacy Register, N.S.,Vol.IV.,p157). From Puttalam it would be about 8 miles, 3 miles down the Chilaw road, turn to right, 5 miles thence. 10 miles from Puttalam on the Akkarai pattu road.

Inhabitants.- “It contain about 200 inhabitants (1834), the majority of whom are the descendants of the ancient Mookwa chieftains.”

Roman Catholic Church.- “There is a small church for the use of the Roman Catholics.”

Planting and Agriculture.- “ There are several coconut and areca nut plantations, which are generally interspersed with small patches of paddy fields.” Also tobacco galas.

Water.- “The Water at this place is the best in the district, and the inhabitants obtain it by sinking wells to a little depth.” (Ceylon Gazetteer, pp. 170-2.)

Struck by Lightning.- Three men were struck by lightning in this village in March, 1891 ; one died, and two were stunned only.(Diary of Assistant Government Agent, Puttalam, 1891.)

Government Building.- A Receiving Office.

Mission School.- Roman Catholic.

Salt.- Fish- curing yards and stores.

School.- Government.

Tavern.- Licensed.

Population.- 1881 : 77 houses ; 175 males, 146 females, 321 persons. 1891 : 92 houses ; 170 males, 159 females, 318 persons.

Race.- 3 Low-country Sinhalese ; 309 Tamils ; 6 Moors.

Religion.- 312 Christians ; 10 Hindus ; 6 Muhammadans.

Literacy.- 87 males, 17 female literates ; 1 male English literate.

Age.- 0-5 30 males, 23 females ; 5-15 42 males, 34 females ; 15-30 51 males, 59 females ; 30-55 46 males, 26 females ; over 55 4 males, 3 females.

Occupation.- 4 manufacture ; 85 pasture and agriculture ; 6 traders ; 1 professional ; 2 labourers ;  2 others ; 218 dependents.

P.C. – Puttalam


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