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ஐ.நா. வில் எதிரொலித்த ஜின்தோட்ட விவகாரம்

  • 2 December 2017

ஜெனீவா ஐ.நா மன்றத்தில் நடைபெற்று வருகின்ற சிறுபான்மை விவகாரங்களுக்கான  விஷேட மாநாட்டின் முதல் நாள் பிரதான அமர்வில் ஜின்தோட்ட விவகாரம் குறித்து மனித உரிமை செயற்பாட்டாளர் முயிஸ் வஹாப்தீன் உரையாற்றினார்.  உலக நாடுகளில் பரந்து வாழும் சிறுபான்யினரின் உரிமை, பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் அவர்கள் எதிர் கொள்ளும் சவால்கள் குறித்து இந்த மாநாட்டில்கவனம் செலுத்தப்படுகின்றன. முயிஸ் வஹாப்தீன் ஆற்றிய உரையின் முழுமையாக இங்கே பதிவிடுகிறோம் .


Thank you very much Mr. Chair,
In Sri Lanka Muslims are, one of the minorities and have been part and partial of the history of SriLanka over 1000 years.
The minority communities in SriLanka undergo cruel ethical discrimination’s in almost every walk of life in SriLanka, including in their main economical source.
The Secretariat for Muslims (SFM) a Muslim civil society organization documented more than 500 incidents against the Muslims.
Since the dawn of April 16th, there have been at least around 30 incidents of violence or attempted violence, hate, intimidation and threats to Muslims, their places of religious worship and Specially, Muslim owned Business establishments. These renewed threats are from many extremists groups.
We already submitted the written statement regarding the following issues at the office, to the special rapporteur on minority issues.
  • Resettlement  Issues  of Forcibly displaced Muslims in Northern Province
  • Land issues faced by Muslims minorities in the East
  • Hate speeches/racist campaign against religious minorities .
  • Some specific Incidents of violence against minorities in SriLanka
I would like to bring to the light, that a serious of violence was being committed against the Muslims in the Southern part of SriLanka, In Gall District place called GHINTOTA, following a road accident. A small issue over a minor road accident has been orchestrated to develop into a full-scale violence on the 17th November evening causing extensive and irreparable damage to the properties of the innocent Muslims and even injuring some individuals.
The extremist mob with more than 300 members who came from different parts of southern region with the help of social media had gathered in a place as they planned. Then, they entered into Ghintota Muslim area group by group in many vehicles by blockading the roads and other means of accesses to the area. and started their attack savagely in the night at around 9.30 pm by damaging and burning with fire the houses, shops and other belongings of Muslims. The unarmed Muslims, who had never expected that brutal attacks of the extremists.
According to the official information, more than Sixty (60) Houses, Twenty Six (26) Shops, Twelve (12) Vehicles and Two (2) Mosques have been damaged by this brutal attacks. Most of the houses among these have been damaged very badly while some of the vehicles have been burned completely.
Although the anti Muslim violence has got the centre stage at this time, various incidents of violence and intimidation also took place against Christian places of worship across the country.
In this background, We urge the forum to give their fullest support to promote and protect the rights of minority in SriLanka.
As I Wish you all ultimate peace and harmony and would like to express my sincere thanks for your personal and collective contributions and presence.
May Almighty God bless you all.
I Thank you
Muise Wahabdeen

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