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POEM – Early rising – a blessing

  • 3 January 2020

Early rising – a blessing

Early rising – a blessing
When still in bed, people turn
Then roll, stretch and yawn
There’s a lesson to learn
Just before the break of dawn.

Present are birds of different feather
Flitting sprightly from tree to tree
Moving swiftly hither and thither
All of them in full glee.

Nature prepares the environment
Lightening the day’s burden
Birds provide entertainment
The people to embolden.

The nature’s gift chosen right
For deserving people’s early rising
The sunrise makes the bright
Proving it a great blessing.

The stage it set and made ready
For people to stir and start
Their day’s work smart and steady
And succeed by playing their part

Singing birds and rising sun –
Lesson – if watch and listen
That indeed is the nature’s way
The day to start, happy and gay.


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