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POEM – O mischief! Thou art mischievous

  • 1 May 2020

O mischief! Thou art mischievous

O Mischief! Thou art in fact mischievous

And aid and abet those who are jealous

A jolly ride you often have on jealousy

Making the task of the disgruntled easy

In you notorious scoundrels take refuge

With baseless charges and lies they deluge

The peaceful land to detract and disparage

The honour of those who serve with courage

Thy precious freedom, thou hast blatantly abused

But dream not you can make people confused

Those who once enjoyed position and power

Seek thee to win back their lost honour

With many fallen men you do frequently flirt

Impudently inciting them to throw mud and dirt

In order to make the victims mortally hurt

But whom you target are admirably smart

From time immemorial you’ve played your game

Your rules, though always nasty, are the same

For selfish men who want to earn a name.

No matter fair or foul, to achieve fame

In their desperate bid, make thee their friend

Hoping you’ll certainly a helping hand lend.

Try you may the honest people to assail

Thou and thy allies are doomed to fail.


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