Akkarai Pattuwa அக்கரைப்பற்று

Akkarai Pattuwa  in Putalam pattuwa, Puttalam division, Puttalam District

Situation and Extent

Casie Chitty (1834) refers to it as ” Akkarapattoo” one of the divisions of the district  of  Puttalam, improperly denominated in the maps Navacarre. It extends alond the peninsula of Calpentyn from Madikettah Ode to Odepankarre; is about 29 miles in length and 51/2 at its greatest breadth”.

Villages and inhabitants 

” It comprehends 42 villages, and the number of inhabitants in 1831 was reckoned at 5,666 in the proportion of one Malabar to Moors.”

Soil and Products

“Though the soil is generally sandy, coconut trees thrive exceedingly well, and the whole tract which borders the gulf appears, as it were, almost covered with that most useful tree. In the southern parts there are large plots of paddy land, but as only a very small portion has been subjected to the plough, the annual produce seldom average more than 7,000 parrahs. Tobacco is raised everywhere, and in large quantities, and the high lands are sown with a variety of fine grains, amongst which corakan has been found essentially useful in furnishing subsistence to the poorer classes. Cinnamon grows wild, mixed with other jungle trees, in the neighborhood of Toduway, but in consequence of its inferior quality, compared with that of the Sinhalese districts, it has not attracted the notice of peelers. ”

Salt manufactory 

“It possesses a large manufactory of salt, and supplies Government with a considerable quality of that article for shipment to Colombo and other parts. The slat pans are the property of private individuals, who are remunerated for the salt by Government at the rate of one fanam per parrah, which is however,an inadequate compensation for the trouble they undergo in manufacturing it.”

Live Stock

In 1831 there were in this province 5,805 horned cattle and 2,480 goats; the dairy is entirely manged bu women, and the produce is transported to the market of Colombo.” (Ceylon Gazzetter, pp 4-5)

Land suitable for coconut 

” In the Akkaraipattu lie some of the best land in the whole island for coconut cultivation.” (administration report, Puttalam, 1884). A large tract of land was sold in January, 1885, 1,393 acres realizing Rs. 28,488. The Akkarai pattu is rapidly raising in importance. Great progress has been made of late years in coconut planting in the district, but the planters suffer much from want of means transport.