National Social Marketing Campaign – Raffath Raazik

By Rafath Aara

All praise belongs to almighty!
World University Services if Canada organized a national social marketing campaign on 22nd February 2017 at Taj Samudra Hotel.

This was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Skills  Development and Vocational training, civil society, International donors and private sector companies to improve the perception of young men and women of skilled careers in ICT, hospitality and tourism, construction and light engineering sectors.

It was held in the presence of Hon.Mahinda Samarasinghe, Minister of Skills development and vocational training.

The purpose of this soft launch was to provide a sneak peak of the campaign, to provide detailed information on content and dissemination, and on how stakeholders can participate.

With the grace of almighty I had a golden opportunity to make the opening speech for the event. It was really a fantabulous moment to address the minister, the representatives of The Government of Canada,VIPs, stakeholders,young activists, progressive youngsters, international volunteers and media.

I was given this great opportunity by Ms.Esther Mclntosh, the country director of Canada to SriLanka. Hence, I am very much grateful for her. Plus, the words which she shared after my speech had finished is still echoing in my mind…that she uttered ” You were colorful in the dais…it was an amazing speech you made…and you have the way to go…use your opportunities…make your parents proud of yourself…” I was really impressed by her encouraging words. And, no words to express the few moments with the adventurous volunteers of WUSC. They were so gracious!


Plus…the fellow VIPs words “you were inspiring…” actually inspired me. Thanks almighty!

So, in reality,these credits must be going to my parents, who is all in all for me and my teacher Mr. Afras Kabeer, the MD and CEO of ISoft College, Puttalam. He was one to introduce me to the Government of Canada by giving opportunities for hosting the programmes in presence of the delegates of Canada.

And, it is my privilege to express that recently I had a chance to take part in Regional Young Women Leaders Dialogue with the delegates of South Asian region and Canada at the Canada House. It was a noteworthy day that I could get the chance of dealing to the world wide nation in 3 sessions. It was fantastic to take part in the tole play and the capacity building sessions. It was all about the awareness on gender equality and feminism. I was so delighted that i could get many details about it very clearly.

So many thanks for WUSC and the Government of Canada for these priceless opportunities.