A puzzling game


Where have they all gone?

His abode once his cronies’ haunting zone

Has now become forlorn

And the man is left alone.


Where’s that hustle and bustle

The host of all caring people

Praising the man to the pinnacle

As if he were an apostle?


Dejected stands the politician defeated

By popular vote totally rejected

His popularity now brought to nought

Drowning himself in deep though.


Gone now all the glitter

There’s none around to flatter

The truth though always bitter

Has at last dawned making him better.


Pitilessly vulnerable is political fortune

Form positions great are men fallen

People’s fancies deciding their fate

Sinking them sometimes to a sorry state.


Where, where have they all gone?

Gone are they never to return

All gone – the way they came-

That’s politics- a puzzling game


                                                     -MOHAMED KHALEEL